Who Do We Help?

Every year we help over 2,500 Islanders of all ages, or 15% of the year-round population!

  • Seniors and seniors’ family members when seniors can’t afford secondary (supplemental) insurance; or need to choose a Medicare Part D prescription plan; or to submit a Long Term Care (nursing home) application; or are frail elders who need home care and can’t afford private pay
  • Lower-income families with children and pregnant women who do not receive insurance through their employer(s)
  • Working adults who are seasonally employed and seasonally unemployed, and self-employed
  • People who are turning 65 and becoming Medicare-eligible
  • Employers with part-time and/or contract employees who aren’t eligible for health insurance from their job
  • People who are, or are becoming, disabled via chronic illness or injury
  • People in financial trouble: we provide safety net services and referrals
  • Uninsured or underinsured people who need medicine or dental care but cannot afford it

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