Voucher Program for Medicine

Vouchers can be used when you can’t afford medicine. If you qualify, we can provide you with a voucher which can pay up to half the cost of the prescription to a maximum of $100.  Vouchers are available to Access Program clients only.

The voucher fund is called the David Kurth Memorial Fund, in honor of David Kurth, an Islander from Chilmark. David was uninsured when he got ill with tularemia in 2000. His friends and family believe that lack of health insurance prevented him from seeking immediate medical treatment. He died a week after contracting the disease at the age of 43.

We have distributed an average of $7,500 every year in emergency medical financial assistance.  This unique community resource is funded by donations from the Martha’s Vineyard Rotary Club, the Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation, local businesses, congregations and private donors.

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