"Laying in the hospital knowing I was covered, changed the experience from one of constant fear at each new potential expense, to one where the only thing that mattered was my recovery. What a relief it is to have no more sleepless nights worrying about my lack of coverage."
Access Program client, West Tisbury August 14, 2010

Senior Services

The Access Program helps seniors with Medicare issues and will assess whether seniors are eligible for additional health benefits.

If you are turning 65, our staff can help you sign up for Medicare, explain how Medicare works, help you chose a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D), and give you information about private health plans that supplement Medicare.

If you are lower income, you may qualify for additional coverage, which will help pay for some of your medical expenses. We will help you apply for these programs. These savings programs include:
  • MassHealth: acts as secondary coverage with Medicare. MassHealth pays the balance of most medical bills that Medicare doesn’t cover.
  • Buy-in: pays for the Medicare Part B premium, which is currently $100/month.
  • Health Safety Net: acts as secondary coverage with Medicare for any hospital bill in Massachusetts. In addition, routine, preventive dental care is free at hospitals and Community Health Centers, such as at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Dental Center.
  • MassHealth for Long Term Care: Elders who need care at home or in a nursing home can explore their options and see if they qualify for MassHealth to pay for these services.
  • Extra Help for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: Seniors may be able to get their prescription plan for free and/or with reduced premiums, copays and deductibles.
  • Prescription Advantage: a state program that supplements the Medicare prescription drug plan by offering coverage during the coverage gap (“donut hole”), coverage for some drugs not covered by Medicare and an additional enrollment period outside of  Part D open enrollment.
  • We sponsor free dental cleanings at the local Senior Centers several times per year. You must fill out a registration form. You can see the schedule and download a registration form on this website.

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